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INFINITE to release 3D movie this September + Trailer
Sunday, 19 August 2012 | 00:19 | ♥ 0 purple love
We reported a few weeks ago that boy group INFINITE will be releasing a 3D movie of their ‘Second Invasion‘ concert, which took place on April 1st this year.
It has been announced that the movie, ‘INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D‘, will open in theaters on September 6th!
The 3D movie will feature the ‘Second Invasion’ encore concert, filmed with over 30 cameras to help complete the project. The encore concert was opened in April due to the success of INFINITE’s original concert, held this past February, which sold out in just 10 minutes.
Fans can look forward to a high-quality, high-definition movie that will accentuate all of the great qualities the boys have to offer, especially their extremely synchronized choreography and lovely ballad pieces. The movie will also include the individual solo performances that the members prepared for the concert, all in 3D.
Another new addition to the movie that was revealed is a special performance of their song ‘Shot‘, as well as the individual ‘auditions’ the boys went through to prepare their solo performances and many other behind-the-scene clips from the concert!


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