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Saturday, 23 June 2012 | 13:51 | ♥ 0 purple love

Why did the Infinite Members Shed Tears?

On June 20, the Infinite members shed tears during broadcast, causing fans to worry about what happened. 

Fortunately, these were not tears of sadness, but they also weren’t tears of happiness. 

On episode five of Mnet’s Infinite Rank King, the members held a small Olympic Games tournament of their own to figure out who the best athlete was.

Among the many games they played, the one that caused tears was the staring contest.

As the Infinite members burned holes into each other’s eyes, Sung Gyu, Woo Hyun, and Sung Yeol ended up crying after not blinking for a long period of time.

“I didn’t even cry when we won number one,” Sung Gyu said, shortly after wiping his tears away.

Check out the tear-inducing game below between Sung Yeol and Sung Jong!


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