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Who Am I !!
Thursday, 8 December 2011 | 03:13 | ♥ 0 purple love
 Unik ke sy ni >_< ?!?! Who care >_< LOL !!

Quiz ni kata sye sorang yg unik di sekolah :')

"You are..Unique!

you are to unique to even understand,

you play by ur own rule and make them up as u go along,

you have a circle of friends that see you for the cool girl you are,

talk about super cool,

that is you all the way,

there are so many components and piece of you,

there is nothing wrong with that at all.."

 What celebrity did you act like ^_^

I got Miley Cyrus ..

" u act like Miley Cyrus! You both have a cool,sweet and bubbly personality and you both have 

great stylist!You can get any guy you want"

LOL ~ I don`t think so >_<"

My character in Twillight is Bella :')

How cool is that yoow >_<

 My Nickname ^_^

 He just love my...

"Your lips are die for.So smooth and shiny, u crush loves the sensation of looking at them"

Omo~omo~ ahaha xD kyaa!!!! meolla .. meolla .. 

He just love my Lips   ahaha ! lol xD

Celebrity who you act like :')

I got Emma Watson >_< lol

" You got Emma. You`re kind of a girls next door type of chick.

You`re sweet girl and everyone love you because of that!

And you`re a huge Harry Potter  fan"

 Who Am I??

Lol xD ~ ahahah ..

Ten Word that Describe me :')

The sweet kind :')
  • Kind
  • Amazing
  • Sweet
  • Cool
  • Very friendly
  • Cheerful
  • Always happy
  • Satisfied
  • Pretty
  • Very likeable
  • Kinda bossy at times xD

LOL ~ ahah ! donno what to say xD .. 

#blushing right now (>///<)

My style is :'

Heheh~ i don`t think so..

I`m nerd??

Err ~ donno .. it`s kinda ...

Weirdo .. -,- huhuhu

My nickname :')

" U are charming just like Cinderella ! Your kindness and un-lying loyalty will bring you sucess and 


Kitten?? Waeyo -,- ?!

"you are cute, sweet , outgoing and funny ! you love music ! oh and you like kitten ! People love

 you because your so cute and funny! Haters hate you because they`re just jelous .. LOL xD"

IDK~ >__< ahahah ...


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