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QuiZ ! ^_^ Kyaaa ~ Check this out !!
Thursday, 8 December 2011 | 02:33 | ♥ 0 purple love
Result for My HoneyAbs :') is Choi Siwon >< kyaa .. I like it like it ^_^

My personality just like CNU oppa :') kyaa~

Siwon akan dtg melawat ke rumah sye? OMG -,- 

Sandeul oppa ^_^ My personality is just like him :^) Lol

Lagu BEAST yg brkaitan dgn hidup saya ^_^ 

My Oppa ^_^

Which INFINITE member are you ? ---> Kim Sunggyu ^_^ kyaa~ Like it .. but why they called "Sunggu"?? Weirdo -,-

Which TeenTop member are you --> NIEL :3 ahooi~ ahah .. love it!!

Which Infinite member are you? --> I got Sungjong :* huhu

Which Dream High girl are you?
Go Hyemi >_< cool !!

Which song describe my personality? ^_^

What kind drama character are you??
Shin MinAh ^_^

My Hubby in Ukiss is Alexander :'3

MY OPPA ^_________^ Key !!!!!

My Boyfriend in TeenTop >_< Niel !!!!

My scandal in TeenTop >_<" Ricky !!

Kyaaa~ aku dpt Leeteuk oppa ^_^ even aku harapkan Siwon  hehehe >_<

After dpt result Leeteuk!! Aku try lg ..then u know what, i got Sungmin =='!
Aigoo~ ahah xD Suju Match !!

Who`s gonna take care of me --> it was LeaderGyu >_< kyaa .. jjinja Daebak >_<"

My favourite bias in TeenTop ^_^ got Niel k? ahah ~ jelous huh? ><

Kyaa~ ni hah ! dpt Kyuhyun  plak lpas Sungmin  >_<" aigoooo!!
He`s my Suju Match .. Sorry Hyena , not my fault ..

My Unnie in Sistar >_<

Kyaaa~ i got LeaderGyu again >_<!!!!!!

My personality just like Kim Taeyeon unnie ^_^

You`re my oppa ^_^ 

My Honey is Park Jungmin 0-o oh no!!! mianhae HyunJoong oppa  T____T

I`m INSPIRIT girl ^______________________^

My husband ?? kyaa~ guess who >_< 

The man who will protect u from strangers >_< Lol

My baby boy is Lee Hongki oppa ^_^

My Infinite match is Dongwoo oppa ==' .. mianhae HeeJin-ssi..

I got WooHyun this time >_< aigooo~ where`s my Gyu????

See? there`s no Gyu T______T i got Hoya oppa ..
But,it`s okay! Hoya look so coooooooool xD

My little brother >< SungYeol Lee !!

Gonna date with Drama xD

Got L oppa !! He`s gonna be my BROTHER .. >_< Cool Bro..

My ideal type in B1A4  ^_^ kyaaa~ i got CNU oppa ^_^ btw ,I`m BANA ^_^

Ukwon?? Where`s my B-Bomb xD ahah .. He`s my ideal type in Block B ..

My ideal type in BEAST ..

Donghyun is my oppa ^_^ don`t touch my oppa :')
but i`m still fallen in love with Jeongmin oppa ><

My hubby in BEAST ^_^ kyaa~ it was HyunSeung :)

Still can`t get B-Bomb after U-kwon.. The result is Zico ><

My personality in 4Minute - just like GaYoon unnie ^_^

Kyaaaaa~ amacam?? ahaha .. sorry la klau ada yg jeles sbb LULU terambil bias dye >__< ahaha .. mianhae !!!!!


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