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Saturday, 3 December 2011 | 20:29 | ♥ 0 purple love

I`m His Sex Maid ~ MyungSoo (Infinite) and G.Na 

I'm His Sex Maid - infinite myungsoo romance smut teentop you gangster - main story image

Hi, my name is Lee ~~~~. I come from a broken family. When I was 16, my mother passed away because she was diagnosed with throat cancer. Ever since then, my father became an impulsive gambler even though he already was a gambler before her death. Things just became worse. My life was turned upside down. Due to my father’s impulsive gambling, loan sharks came chasing us almost everyday not long after. I really hate my father. I hated the fact that he ruined our peaceful life. Everyday, I run away from those scary bad guys with tattoos all over their arms and legs. I prayed hard that they wouldn’t appear on my doorstep for at least once but my prayers weren’t answered. The last time they came, they gave us a warning. That is, I will need to serve their young master as his sex maid if we don’t pay up the next time they come.

It was another day of fear. As usual, you prayed hard that they wouldn’t come. Your father was hiding in the storeroom, hoping that those guys won’t find him but he was wrong. They would eventually. You crouched down in one corner and hugged your knees. Suddenly, a loud knock was heard. You turned your head and faced the closed door with fear in your eyes.
They were here.
“YAH! OPEN UP THE FUCKING DOOR!” One of them yelled. You shivered with fear and hugged your knees tighter. “YAH! DON’T ACT LIKE NO ONE’S AT HOME! OPEN THE DOOR!” He yelled loudly again. You were shaking terribly as you covered both your ears and shut your eyes tight.
“Boss, I think we should knock down the door.” One of the accomplices said. Your heart raced extremely fast as you knew what were troubles you needa face later on. *P-please god..please..* You rubbed your hands together and prayed hard.
The door was knocked open. You quickly stood up and stepped back, feeling petrified. An evil smirk hung on their faces. You looked at them with teary eyes. One of them stepped forward, “Where’s the money?!” He yelled at your face. “N-no m-money…” You stuttered. The man’s face turned dark. “No money? We aren’t running a charity fund young missy.” He said with a menacing glare.
“I-I k-know..” You stuttered. “Where’s your father?” Another stepped forward. You remained silent. “WHERE’S YOUR FATHER?!” He yelled loudly and you shut your eyes tight. “Find him!” He ordered his subordinates. “Yes boss.” A younger looking man nodded and went to search for your father around the house.
While waiting for him, the two guys glared at you. “You do know what will happen if we don’t receive payment right?” He smirked. You nodded while shaking. “Very good.” A wider smirk appeared on his face.
*Please..i don’t wish to be a sex maid..* Tears threatened to fall.
“Boss! We’ve found him!” The younger guy came back. “No please!! Please I beg you guys!! Let us off!!” You saw your father falling onto his knees as soon as he was caught. “Very funny. We’ve given you many chances already.”
“Miss, welcome to your new job.” One of them smirked and your eyes widened. “Your daughter’s gonna be our master’s sex maid in order to pay off your debt.” He said and your father nodded. “Thank you!!” He smiled in relief. “Bastard.” You cursed under your breath. Before you knew, you felt a tight grip on your arm.
“L-let me go!!!” You struggled outta his grip. “Bring her to the car.” The older guy ordered the younger one and he nodded.
Just like that, the life of a sex maid begins.
“L-let me go!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!” You kicked and squirmed but it was useless. “Get in!” The guy who dragged you out pushed you into the car and you hit your bottom. “Owh..” You rubbed your bottom.
Throughout the journey in the car, you kept yelling non-stop. “LET ME GO!!! I SAID LET ME GO!!!!!!!” “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUNG LADY!!!” The bad guys yelled. Finally, you got tired of yelling. Tears trickled down your cheek as you thought about what the future may bring.
“Boss, we have reached.” The driver said. “Get her out.” The ‘boss’ ordered. Once again, you got dragged. You got out of the car and your eyes widened. “What a huge house…” You stared at the large mansion right before your eyes.
You then got dragged into the house. One of those guys pressed onto the doorbell and an old lady opened the door. “Annyeong, mind bringing her to young master’s room?” They said and she nodded. She looked at you with a worried expression.
Surprisingly, she didn’t drag you or anything. She was rather nice to you. “Hi, what’s your name?” She asked with a smile. “L-lee ~~~.” You stuttered. “Ah okay. Are you Myungsoo’s friend?” She asked. “M-myungsoo?” You tilted your head. “Young master L I mean.” She chuckled and you shook your head.
“Nevermind, let’s get you to his room first.” You nodded and followed behind her.
“He’s not at home now but he’ll be back soon.” The old lady said and you nodded. She then left the room. You stepped further inside L’s room and gasped at the sight before you. It was a rather large room with luxurious furniture. A heavy sigh escaped your lips as you sat down on the couch.

Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. Soon enough, you already fell asleep on the couch. Suddenly, you heard the turning of the door knob. Your eyes immediately shot open as you prayed hard that you wouldn’t get tortured in a way or two.
A refined and handsome looking young man entered the room. As soon as he stepped into the room, his eyes met yours and you could feel your heart beat racing. *Omo, he’s..hot.* And then you mentally slapped yourself for having such a thought. However, within seconds, without realizing, you were once again staring at him again. He, on the other hand was simply giving you a cold stare which gave you the shivers as well. You shook your head and tried to regain back your senses as you bit your lips hard.
A smirk formed on his lip as he walked towards you. You stood up and back away. Every step he took, you stepped backwards. Soon the two of you were just inches apart. He went closer to you and you could feel his hot breath. You stared at him with huge eyes, yet with fear in them.
“What’s your name?” He asked. “L-lee ~~~~..” You stuttered. “You’re my newly hired sex maid yeah?” You gulped at his question. *Heh, a cute one.* He thought. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” A wider smirk formed on his perfect face. After what seemed like hours, he finally backed away and went into the bathroom.
You stood there, dumbfounded and panted heavily. *T-that was..* You took deep breaths and tried to calm yourself down. “He’s creepy..” You mumbled but another tiny voice at the back of your head said something else. “He’s hot and I like it.” *No no no no no!!” You covered your eyes and shut your eyes tight. *Stay calm ~~~~! Stay calm! He’s just someone who’s gonna use you!!*
Then, you heard the a click sound. Myungsoo unlocked the bathroom door and came out. The moment you saw him, you immediately backed away further. “I’ll be back soon. Stay here and don’t go outside.” He said as he put on his well-cut blazer. This time, you felt pissed. *Psssst, I ain’t your dog.*
“Yah. I’m not your dog. Why should I stay here?!” You placed your arms by your sides and shot him a glare. “Because you’re my sex maid, so do whatever I say.” With that, he left the room leaving you standing there, once again dumbfounded. *Oh god. My life ain’t getting any better.* You thought.
After Myungsoo left, there was nothing for you to do. You thought you could escape or something but there were maids guarding outside his room. A sigh escaped your lips as you plopped yourself on his bed. *Mmm, smells nice ~* You smiled as you sniffed one of the pillows. *Yah what the hell are you thinking?!* You mentally slapped yourself for having such thoughts.
Hours passed again and it was already evening. You were also sound asleep on Myungsoo’s bed.
Then, there was a knock on the door. You slowly opened your eyes and rubbed them. “Miss, may I come in please?” A familiar voice whom you assumed, belonged to the old lady before. You slowly sat upwards and did a lil’ stretch. “Yeah, you may come in.” You answered. Indeed, it was her. She gave you a warm smile before handling you your dinner. “Here’s your dinner.” She said and you stared at the food before your eyes. “Uh is there something wrong?” She asked with a worried tone. “O-oh no..I-I’m just not used to it..” You smiled sheepishly and she nodded with a smile in return. “Mianhae for doing this but it was young master L’s order.” She sighed. You looked at her. “Young master L’s order?..” “Yeah, he ordered the maids not to let you get out so I had to bring in your dinner.” “Oh..It’s okay..” You smiled. After that, she left the room leaving you savouring the expensive dinner in the room.
You finally finished your food and smiled in satisfaction. You glanced at the door and sighed. *When is he coming back?..* *OH HELL NO. WHY AM I LIKE THIS GAH!!* This time, you really slapped yourself awake.
You waited and waited and waited soon it was already midnight and Myungsoo hasn’t come home yet. You decided to sleep first and switched off all the lights but before you could do that, he came back.
Your eyes immediately darted towards his direction. He took off his blazer and you could sensed him walking towards you even in the darkness. “Hey babe.” He said huskily. *Uh oh.* You gulped.
Myungsoo caressed your cheek with the back of his left hand and that made you shudder. Attempting to escape from his clutches, you turned and ran towards the door. However, you were stopped by his tight grip on your waist. “Oh hell no babe, you’re not going anywhere.” You could hear his husky voice again. You shut your eyes tight, praying that it was just a nightmare and it would be over soon but sadly, it’s reality.
He grabbed you and threw you on the bed. You turned around and tried to move more onto the bed. As you tried to adjust to the dark, you wondered what what his next move gonna be. You gulped in fear as you tried to think straight and think of what to do next to save yourself. He came closer, leaning over to you. “Don’t be afraid,” he said softly, “I won’t hurt you.”
You tried to focus on Myungsoo in the room, the smell of his cologne turned you on. *NONONO GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF!!* You mentally scolded yourself. Even though you didn’t want to, you started feeling the warmth between your thighs but fear soon took over as Myungsoo stroked your face gently. You didn’t want this to happen and you started tearing, afraid to face him any longer. He then turned on the little lamp located on the nightstand. You moved back as you saw the intense lust in his eyes. You wanted so much to run out but he was holding onto your waist tightly. You didn’t have a choice but to let him do whatever he wants.
Myungsoo saw the tears in your eyes and a sense of guilty hit him. He hated to see girls cry because of him but lust took over him. He couldn’t help it. The moment he met you, he already fell in love with your perfect, petite figure. The both of you stared at each other for a while. Somehow you both didn’t know how to react towards each other. After what seemed like hours, he started to speak. “Don’t be afraid,” he whispered once again, “I won’t hurt you.” “You know, your beautiful.” He said.
He lightly touched your face with his fingertips. He knelt down to his bed and stroked your dark reddish brown hair. He then softly kissed your face. The kiss became intense and he began to trail kisses along your jawline. You wanted to scream out loud but you felt weird. You were enjoying that moment. He quickly pulled you up and kissed your lips deeply. Then his tongue slit into your mouth, fighting for dominance. Indeed, he won.
You placed your hands on his back and he moved his lips down to your neck, which was your weak spot. His hands ran through your silky hair as you sighed. You took off his shirt, wanting to feel his hot, hard body against your soft, feminine, curvy body. He took off his shoes and got onto bed again. He kissed your lips, only more deeply and slowly. During the kiss, his hands roamed around your body and soon he found your white wife beater tank. A smirk appeared on his face as he took it off your body.
He kissed down from your neck to your pillowy, soft breasts. You were trying your best not to moan but failed. Your soft moans came out from your mouth and they were like music to his ears. As he licked and sucked your right breast, his other free hand cupped the left one. Your hands slowly slid up and down his muscular arms while he continued to explore your body. His hands then moved down to your gray and baby blue drawstring shorts and took them off.
Seeing your naked womanly figure, he had gotten even more turned on. He wanted to expose every inch of you with his mouth and tongue. You could feel his hardness growing against your belly through his jeans. Without warning, you felt him filling in you slowly. You pulled away from his lips to let out a loud moan that was mixed with both pain and pleasure. He was so big that it felt like your insides were ripping apart. He groaned and panted heavily once he was fully inside of you. “Fuck, you’re so tight!” You could only whimper in response feeling like your crotch was on fire. He pulled out of you a little only to thrust back into you hard. He repeated this and with each thrust, you and him breathed heavily. He placed a soft kiss on your neck and before rolling over beside you, he slowly removed himself from you.
You stared at the ceiling with teary eyes. *I lost my virginity?.. NOOOOOO!
You stared at the ceiling for a few more seconds. You glanced to your right and sighed. *It’s not a nightmare..* Myungsoo was already sound asleep after the ‘exercise’ earlier on. You closed your eyes and forced yourself to sleep. Deep in your mind, you were still praying that it was a nightmare and once you wake up, everything will go back to its original state.
The bright sun shone through the curtains in Myungsoo’s room. You slowly opened your eyes. You felt colder than usual and checked under the blanket. You were naked. *Aish NOOOO it really happened..* Tears threatened to fall as you had that thought.
“Good morning babe.” A familiar voice said. You turned your head immediately to see who was talking. Myungsoo was walking out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Unknowingly, you were staring at his chocolate abs. “Enjoying my abs?” He smirked and your cheeks flushed crimson red. “Nah uh!” You defended. “Come on, get up.” He said. “G-get up?..” You stuttered as you thought about how to even get up since you were naked.
“Yah, just get up from bed.” He rolled his eyes. “B-but I’m..NAKED!” You folded your arms. “Don’t be a baby, i’ve seen every part of your body anyways.” He smirked and you blushed heavily. A deep sigh escaped your lips. “Turn around.” You said. He raised an eyebrow. “What?” “Just turn around and I’ll get up!!” You threw a lil’ temper. Myungsoo shrugged and turned around and at that instant, you immediately got up from bed as you used the blanket to wrap it around your body and dashed straight into the toilet.
Upon hearing the click sound, Myungsoo assumed that you have locked the bathroom room and he turned back and got himself ready.
You finally wore your clothes and came out from the bathroom. You threw a glare at Myungsoo as you placed the blanket back on the bed. “I’m gonna bring you out.” He suddenly spoke and you stared at him with huge eyes. “What?!” “Look at those hideous looking clothes of yours.” He said as he pointed at the clothes you were wearing. You rolled your eyes. “Fine.”
After you were done tying up your hair and everything, Myungsoo grabbed your arm and dragged you towards his car. “YAH!!! LET GO!!! IT HURTS!!!” You yelled but he didn’t even look back for once. “Get in.” He said and you got into his car while rubbing your arm. He himself got in from another side and he began to drive. There was an awkward silence throughout the journey.
“We’ve reached.” He said and you stared outside. *Whoa..* He actually brought you to one of the largest shopping mall around the area. You got down and he did the same. “Come on.” This time round, he held your hand and the both of you entered the shopping mall. You stared at his hand holding yours and you could feel your heart pumping really fast. *Aish wake up Lee ~~~~!! He’s a BAD BAD BAD GUY.*
Myungsoo brought you into an expensive looking store. You gulped hard as you looked at those expensive looking clothes.
“Good morning Mr Kim. May I help you?” One of the workers in the store greeted with a smile. “Get her some clothes.” He said and pushed you towards the worker. “Okay sure.” She nodded and signaled you to follow her. Myungsoo then sat down on the couch and waited.
“Miss, are you ready?” The worker asked. “Uh..it’s too low-cut..” You said as you tried to adjust the dress. You could hear her chuckle. “It’s okay, I’ll get you a new one. But can you please come out first?” You stared at the mirror. *It’s too low-cut..* You pouted. You finally opened the door and she gasped. “Wow, you look beautiful.” She complimented. “T-thanks..” You smiled.
“Mr Kim, she’s ready.” Another worker informed Myungsoo and he nodded. He stood up and followed the worker to where you were.
*Oh my fucking god.* He stared at you with wide eyes and mouth. You rolled your eyes. “Quit staring, pervert.” *Yah Kim Myungsoo! She’s just your sex maid!* He shook his head and his usual cold expression hung back on his face. “I’ll purchase that. Get a few more designs too.” He informed the workers and they nodded.
“W-what?! I don’t wanna wear those clothes!! They’re too revealing!!” You stomped your feet but got ignored. *Hmmp!* You folded your arms. As Myungsoo went to the counter to make payment, a sigh escaped your lips as a sense of guilt hit you. *Why is he so nice to me?.. I’m just his sex maid aren’t i?..*
“Come on, let’s go.” Myungsoo waved his hand at your face and you shook your head. “H-huh?” You appeared dazed. “Let’s go. I’ve purchased the clothes already.” He said and you nodded.
After that, he brought you to several other stores to purchase stuff like shoes, accessories and stuff. Three hours passed and your legs were getting tired. While walking, your stomach suddenly growled and you blushed. *Yah stupid tummy! Keep quiet!* However, Myungsoo heard it and he asked,”You hungry?” You bit your lip and nodded shyly. “Let’s go eat then.” He held onto your hand again. Your heart pumped fast everytime he held your hand.
As you both walked past a bakery, your eyes widened and a wide smile lip up on your face. “Mwo?” Myungsoo turned back. You were staring at your all time favourite food; chocolate donut. “You want that?” He asked. You lifted up your head and shook it. “Wait here.” He said and you tilted your head to one side.
You saw him entering the bakery and he came out holding a box of chocolate donuts. “Here you go.” He handed you the box and you felt touched. “Thank you..” You smiled while he simply shrugged. You then ate the donuts like you were starved for a long time. While you were chewing it, you were grinning from ear to ear. *Cute.* Myungsoo thought as he stared at you but luckily you didn’t notice.
As you were eating, you heard someone’s stomach growled. *Oh shit.* Myungsoo hid his face in embarrassment and you chuckled. “Here.” You handed him a donut. “U-uh thanks..” He stuttered a little and you blushed.
After finishing the donuts, Myungsoo drove you home. “You aren’t getting out?” You asked as you realized that he didn’t get out of the car. “I have something on tonight. Go home first okay?” He said. “Okay..” You lowered your head. Myungsoo noticed your expression and softened. He got out of the car and gave you a peck on your lips. You stared at him with wide eyes and your breathing stopped.
“Bye babe. See ya tonight.” With that, he got into his car and drove off.
Unknowingly, a smile appeared on your face.
Soon, a week went by in a flash. During the seven days, you were literally dying of boredom almost everyday. During the day time, Myungsoo would give you a peck on your lips before leaving the house. You were really curious about where he goes to everyday but decided not to interfere. In the evening, he would come home, changed his clothes and head outside again. At night, when he comes home, you would already be sound asleep. Finally, you couldn’t take it anymore. You had to head outside for some fresh air.
“Bye babe.” Before he left the room you grabbed onto his arm. “Wait up!” “Mwo?” He turned back and gave you a cold expression. “Where are you going?” You asked. “Somewhere.” He replied and you gave him a weird look. “Can I come with you please?” You asked with pleading eyes. “No.” He said. “Aww please I beg you pleaseeeee~~~ I’m really bored at home!!!” You rubbed your hands together and begged him using puppy eyes. “Don’t make me do it.” You suddenly said in a serious tone. “Do it?” He arched his eyebrow. You took a deep breath. “PWEASEEEEEEE I WANNA GO PLEASEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~” Yup, aegyo.
Myungsoo couldn’t stand your aegyo that he pretended to look at the other direction. “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~” You begged once more. He couldn’t take it any longer. “Aish fine!” He finally agreed and you grinned. “YAY!!!!” You clasped your hands. “But on one condition.” He said and you tilted your head. “Call me oppa.” He said and your eyes widened.
“You don’t want to? Fine, your staying at home—“ “OPPA!” You yelled and he smiled in satisfaction. “Go get change.” He said and you jumped around excitedly. *YEAH MAN!!! SHE CALLED MY OPPA WOO!!* Myungsoo grinned from ear to ear.
“I’m done.” You came out wearing one of the outfits Myungsoo bought for you last week. When you came out from the room, he stared at you with his eyes popping out. “Er..is there something wrong?” You asked as you checked your outfit. “N-no..” He stuttered and quickly walked off. *Weird.* You raised an eyebrow and followed him.
“Where are we going oppa?” You asked as he was driving. *Heh, she called me oppa again.* Myungsoo grinned once again. “Oppa?” You turned to face him. “W-what?” He shook out of his thoughts. “I was asking where are we heading to.” You said. “You’ll see.” He said and you nodded.
During the car ride, you noticed Myungsoo grinning non stop and you thought he was being extremely weird. He didn’t know why but the way you called him ‘oppa’ was music to his ears. When the red light lit up, you waved your hand in front of him. “Hellooo~~” “Huh?” He stopped grinning and face you. “You’ve been grinning non stop. Is there something wrong?” You asked. “Nothing.” He simply said and forced himself to show a cold expression on his face. “Oh well.” You shrugged.
Finally, the both of you reached the destination. “I-inspirit club?” You asked as you stepped out of the car. “Wait here while I go park the car.” He said and you nodded. You walked towards the club and waited outside. “Hey sexy.” A guy whistled at you and you shuddered. You backed away a bit. “Aww don’t avoid me, you alone tonight?” He then snaked his arm around your waist. “Back off!” You struggled out of his grip. “L-let me go!!!!” You yelled but his grip was simply too tight.
“YAH! FUCK OFF!” A familiar voice yelled as he grabbed the guy’s arm and twisted it. “O-ouch!!!” The guy whimpered. “Don’t you dare touch my girl again.” Myungsoo shot a death glare at him and he quickly scurried away. You stared at him in shock. “Sorry, I was late.” He rubbed the back of his head. You didn’t know why but you felt your cheeks redden. “Why are you cheeks red?” He raised an eyebrow. “U-uh n-nothing..” You stuttered. *Omo Lee ~~~~, what’s wrong with you?!* “Come on, let’s go in.” He held your hand and you followed him inside.
As you both entered, guys kept whistling and ogling at you. You felt the creeps as you held onto Myungsoo’s arm tighter. He saw how those guys gawked at you like perverts and he shot death glares at them. Only then, they quickly scurry away. “Don’t worry, I’m here.” He whispered to your ear as he noticed how freaked out you were. Then, you saw a guy waving at Myungsoo. “Dude!” He yelled. “Those are my friends.” Myungsoo whispered and you nodded.
“Yo L.” A guy with small eyes said. “Yo hyung.” Myungsoo greeted back. “Hello buddy.” Sungyeol pumped fist with L. “Whoa, new girl eh?” Another guy with a greasy smile teased and L rolled his eyes. “No touchy hyung, she’s MINE.” Your eyes widened at his words. “Let’s introduce ourselves.” Sunggyu said and each stood up as they introduced themselves.
“Sunggyu.” The guy with the smallest eyes greeted.
“Dongwoo imnida!” “The guy with dark blonde hair grinned.
“Woohyun imnida!” The guy with a greasy smile said.
“Sungyeol imnida.” The tallest guy smiled.
“Hoya.” The guy with the manliest image stood up.
“Sungjongie imnida!~ Nice to meet you noona!” The maknae beamed.
“Lee ~~~~ imnida, nice to meet you guys.” You bowed politely.
“Aigoo she’s so adorable. Nice catch L.” Woohyun teased again. “Aish hyung.” Myungsoo rolled his eyes. “Noona, can I ask you a question?” Sungjong asked all of a sudden. “Uh sure..” You smiled. “What do you like about L hyung?” You almost choked on your drink and Myungsoo gave an awkward cough. “Mianhae noona! Are you okay?” “Y-yeah..” You cleared your throat. You then realized all of them except Myungsoo were staring at you, antipating for your reply.
“Yah maknae.” Myungsoo shot a glare at Sungjong and the maknae simply shrugged. “I..” You suddenly spoke. “Aish it’s okay ~~~~-ssi, ignore the maknae.” Thank god Sunggyu eased the awkwardness. “Aww hyung!” Sungjong pouted.
“How old are you ~~~~-ssi?” Dongwoo asked. “I’m 18.” You said and he nodded. “Oh yeah, our gang name’s Infinite. Woohyun interrupted. “G-gangsters?..” Your eyes widened. “Don’t worry, we’re good guys!” Sungyeol assured. “Uh okay..” You smiled. “And we’re one of the top gangs in Seoul!” Woohyun added and you gave an awkward smile.
Then, throughout the night, you got to know more about Myungsoo’s friends. You realized, they weren’t as bad as what you have expected. You actually enjoyed their presence even though Woohyun teased you every now and then.
“L, it’s late already. You should bring ~~~~-ssi home.” Sunggyu, being the most mature one said. “Neh hyung.” “Bye ~~~~-ssi! Nice to meet you!” Woohyun waved and you waved back. “Bye noona!~ See you soon~~” Sungjong grinned and you smiled back. The other waved goodbye and L held your hand again. You once again felt your heart beat rate increasing. *Aish control your emotions ~~~~!!!* You mentally scolded yourself.
Along the way out, there were other guys who ogled at you. Myungsoo noticed it and shot death glares at them He didn’t know why the hell he did that for. He just felt like he had to protect you.
“Mwo? Am I supposed to wait here for you?” You asked as Myungsoo didn’t let go off your hand. “No. I don’t want to see you getting harassed by those bastards.” He said and a small smile crept onto your face.
Along the car ride, Myungsoo wondered why you were so silent. He glanced at you and smiled. *She looks so beautiful when she sleeps..* Then he continued driving.
“Babe, wake up ~” He shook you lightly. You slowly opened your eyes and rubbed them. “Oh..okay..” You then got down the car and Myungsoo did the same.
“Welcome home.” Mrs Park greeted the both of you as you both entered the mansion. You simply giggled and Myungsoo kept a straight face.
“Ah I’m tired.” You pouted and sat down on Myungsoo’s bed. Myungsoo simply shrugged. Then, you remembered about school. You quickly took a look at the calendar and gasped. “Omo.” Myungsoo then came over. “What is it?” He asked. “School starts the day after tomorrow..” You sighed. “You hate school?” He arched his eyebrow as he thought you were a nerd the first time he saw you. “I gotta go home and get my books..” You lowered your head.
He softened and came close to your face. You face redden the moment he did that. “I’ll accompany you home tomorrow.” Then he pecked your cheek before walking to the bathroom. *Hah, she’s really cute.* He thought. Your eyes widened and you felt butterflies forming in stomach. You placed your right hand on your cheek and took deep breaths. *Calm down ~~~~, calm down!!* *Wait a second. Aren't i'm supposed to be happy going back home tomorrow?* 
“Beep!” Myungsoo’s phone rang. His eyes slowly fluttered open and he rubbed them before grabbing his phone which was placed on the side table. A new message. “Aish.” He groaned and placed the phone back. He turned to his left and saw how beautiful you were even though you were still sleeping. A tiny smile crawled onto his face unknowingly as he caressed your cheek using his fingertips. *Why am I being so nice to you?... Your just my sex maid isn’t it?* He sighed.
“O-oppa?..” You finally woke up. “H-huh?” Myungsoo immediately showed a cold expression. “Your up so early?” You rubbed your eyes. “Yeah. My stupid phone woke me up.” He rolled his eyes and you giggled.
“I think I’ll get up now.” You said and he nodded. “Okay. Let’s go get your books early too.” He said. “Neh.” You did a tiny stretch and got down from bed. You grabbed your clothes and stuff and went into the bathroom.
Myungsoo was still sitting on the bed and he checked what the new text message was about.
“Dude, they’re back.” – Sungyeol
His eyes widened after reading the message. *Shit.* He then thought about your safety. He knew they won’t let you off if they found out your with him.
“Oppa, I’m done. You should go get changed too.” You came out from the bathroom. “H-huh? Oh okay.” He brushed away his thoughts and got down from bed. You stared at him curiously. “Is there anything wrong? You looked distracted.” “Nothing.” He said and went into the bathroom. *Aish.* You sighed.
Then, it was time for the two of you to leave the mansion. “Annyeong Mrs Park~” You waved to her as she waved back.
Myungsoo was silent all the way and you felt kinda worried. “Oppa, are you okay?” You asked. “Yeah I’m fine.” *I gotta kill their asses before they find you ~~~~-ah..* A sigh escaped your lips and you decided not to ask him any further.
The both of you finally reached your house. You stepped out of the car and sighed. Myungsoo saw your expression and patted your shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m with you.” He assured. “Thank you oppa.” You smiled. “Come, let’s go in.” He showed his hand and you held it.
Standing outside the door, you took a deep breath first before pressing on the doorbell. “Aish who—“ Your father grumbled as he opened the door. “What are you doing here?” He scowled. “I’m here to take my books.” You said in a cold tone. “Books? Aren’t you a sex maid now?” He smirked. Myungsoo couldn’t control his temper anymore as he came forward and grabbed your father’s collar. “Bastard. Be careful of your words.” He said through gritted teeth. “S-sorry sorry!!” He immediately apologized and begged for forgiveness. Only then, Myungsoo let go of his collar.
“Oppa, I’ll go get my books.” You said. “I’ll come with you.” He insisted and you nodded.
When you opened the door, your eyes widened at the disgusting sight before you. Your room was a total mess. The once spick and span room was turned upside down. You sighed and went to search for your books. Myungsoo saw your expression and sighed. “I’ll buy you new books.” He said. “It’s okay oppa..” You shook your head. He didn’t speak a word and simply held your hand and pulled you behind him. “Oppa! Wait! I needa get my books!” You yelled but he didn’t let go still.
“Oppa! Let go!” You struggled out of his grip. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to face you. “I’ll buy you new books. I bet your books have been burned or something by that bastard.” He said as he shot a glare at your father who quickly closed the door. You bit your lip and nodded.
Both of you got into his car and he began to drive. Thinking about what happened earlier, tears streamed down your cheek unknowingly and you sniffled. Myungsoo heard you sniffling and stopped the car immediately. He somehow knew the reason for why you were crying and didn’t say a word but simply gave you a warm hug. You then cried into his chest. “You don’t have to think of that bastard. He has long forgotten you as his daughter. Don’t cry, I’m here with you.” He whispered.
After a while, you finally stopped crying. You pulled away from Myungsoo and wiped your tears. “T-thank you..” You said softly. “Smile more. You look ugly when you cry.” He ruffled your hair and you chuckled. *Why are you so nice to me?.. Do you..love me?..* *Aish no. He’s just doing this out of sympathy. I’m only a sex maid to him.*
“Bye oppa.” You said were about to get down the car. Surprisingly, just when you thought the car has drove off, Myungsoo came after you and held your hand. “Mwo?” You turned to face him. “Aren’t you going out?” You asked. “I’m staying with you tonight.” He said and you smiled.
That night, you decided to sleep early since there was school the next day. “Oppa, I’m going to sleep now.” You said and got onto the bed. “Wait.” He said. “Mwo?” Then he got onto the bed as well and tapped his chest, signaling you to lie on it. You beamed and crawled towards beside him and laid onto his chest. He loved the way the two of you were being like that. “Oppa, thank you.” You smiled. “Pabo. Sleep now.” “Neh!” He stroked your hair gently and soon enough, you were already sound asleep.
Your alarm clock rang. “M-mwo?...” You mumbled as you tried to switch it off with your eyes closed. After switching it off successfully, you slowly opened your eyes. *Eh? Why is it so cramped?* You felt a tight grip around your waist. “Oppa?..” You glanced to your right. He was hugging your waist like as if you were his teddy bear or something. “Oppa, I needa get up. I have school..” You said softly. “Urghh five more minutes..” He groaned. “Fine~” You smiled.
You pulled away from Myungsoo and wiped your tears. “T-thank you..” You said softly. “Smile more. You look ugly when you cry.” He ruffled “Oppa, five minutes have passed already..” You said softly. “So fast?..” He finally let go off you and stretched himself. “Yup.” You chuckled. Then, you slipped into your slippers and got down from bed. You took your clothes and went into the bathroom.
After you were done, you came out and shook your head. “Oppa, you should wake up now~” You patted his shoulder but he didn’t answer. “Oppa~” You patted him again. “O-oppa—“ He grabbed your arm and you fell onto the bed. “Oppa! What was that for?!” You pouted. He chuckled and got up as he gazed into your eyes. “O-oppa?..” Your heart beat raced as he continued to stare at you. Slowly, he bend forward and you closed your eyes And you felt his soft lips touching against yours. At first, the kiss was a sweet one but slowly it became intense. Myungsoo slipped his tongue into your mouth as he attempted to explore every corner in it. “Oppa..” You moaned a bit. When you felt his hands slipping under your shirt, your eyes widened as you pulled away from his mouth. “Oppa, we should stop. I don’t wanna be late for school.” You said. “Aww why?! I was enjoying it!” He pouted which you thought was adorable. “Aish pervert oppa.” You rolled your eyes but smiled. “Hmmph, fine.” He finally gave up and went to wash up.
You then sat down and waited for him to get ready. After 15mins, he was finally done as he came out from the bathroom. While you were daydreaming, a baby blue backpack appeared in front of you. Your eyes widened as you lifted your head up. “Your new school bag.” Myungsoo said. *Omo..* You felt touched. “Thank you oppa.. But how did you know this was my favourite colour?” You tilted your head. “Hmm. Lucky guess?” He shrugged. Before he turned his back, you stood up and gave him a hug. “Mwo?” He asked in surprise as he hugged you back. “Thank you oppa..” You said softly. He stroked your hair soothingly and smiled. The two of you then pulled away.
“~~~~-ah, come here. I have something for you.” Myungsoo said all of a sudden. “Huh? What is it?” You walked towards him and he handed you a brand new iPhone 4s. “A new p-phone?!” You gasped. “Yup, so that I can stay in touch with you easily even when I’m outside.” He said. “Oppa.. You don’t have to do this.. This must be expensive..” You mumbled as a sense of guilt hit you. He didn’t say anything afterwards but simply held your hand and place the phone in it. *Aish stop treating me so well..*
“~~~~-ah, good morning! Your going to school?” Mrs Park asked as she pointed to your backpack. “Neh!” You beamed. “Araso. Bye!” She waved as you and Myungsoo left the mansion. “Bye Mrs Park!~” You waved back. On the way out, Myungsoo received a call from Sungyeol.
“Yoboseyo?” He answered his phone,
“L-ah, Yunho hyung needs you to do something for him.”
“Mwo? What is it?”
“I’m not sure. He said you will need to go to Busan for a week.”
Then, he thought of you.
“Aish. Arasso.” He said and with that, the two guys hung up the phonecall.
“Oppa, where were you?” You asked as he got into his car. “I was on the phone with Sungyeol hyung.” He replied and you nodded. “~~~~-ah, I have something to tell you..” “What is it oppa?” “I’ll be away for a week..” Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. “Why?..” You said softly. You knew you would miss him while he’s away. “A hyung of mine needs me to do something for him.” He said. “Oh..Okay..” You lowered your head. Myungsoo softened as he saw your sad expression. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll be back soon.” He ruffled your head and you forced a tiny smile.
Soon, you finally reached your school. “Bye oppa.” You waved goodbye. “Bye. Take care of yourself.” Myungsoo waved back, pecked on your cheek and drove off. A sigh escaped your lips as you walked into your school. Then, your phone rang. “Mwo?” You took it out from your pocket. “A new message?”
Don’t meet other guys, I’ll be back soon. – Hubby Myungsoo
You blushed when you saw the word ‘hubby’. “Pabo oppa, we’re not even married..” You smiled to yourself and replied him.
We’re not even married.. - Wifey ~~~~
You grinned when you typed your name as wifey ~~~~.
As you entered the hallway, you gathered several stares from the other students, mostly guys that is. You chose to ignore and walked towards your locker. Along the way, you also heard murmurings from those people. “Wow, she’s hot.” “Omo, is she a new student?” “I’m so gonna make her mine.”
You were indeed, the centre of attention. That’s because you had a lil’ makeover. Last time, you wore black rimmed glasses and your clothes were old fashioned ones. But now, you’ve replaced your that pair of ugly glasses with a new pair of transparent contact lens. Myungsoo bought them for you that is. As for your clothes, you now wore fashionable ones which were given to you by Myungsoo.
You hugged your books close to your chest and walked faster, trying to avoid those stares. You finally reached your locker and quickly unlocked it. After placing your things inside, you rushed towards your class.
Your classmates all stared at you with wide eyes as you entered the classroom. You ignored their stares and quickly went to your seat.
“Mrs Jung’s coming!!” One of your classmates shouted in a not so loud manner and everyone quickly went back to their own places.
“Good morning class.” Mrs Jung, your homeroom teacher greeted. “Good morning Mrs Jung.” The class greeted. “Class, we have 6 new students with us. Do welcome them.” She announced and 6 gorgeous looking guys came in. All the girl squealed in happiness as they whispered among themselves.
You didn’t really care about them and continued to do your own stuff. Then, you lifted your head and met eyes with a guy with blond hair. He gave you a handsome smirk and you felt your heart beat increasing. *Omo Lee ~~~~, control yourself.*
“Annyeong! Teentop imnida!~”All 6 of them bowed. “Waaa!!~~” Girls started to squeal again. “Shh, quiet.” Mrs Jung reprimanded. Then each of them stood out to introduce their own names.
Mrs Jung then assigned them to their respective seats. “L.joe, you may sit beside ~~~~.” Your eyes widened the moment you heard your name.
“Hi I’m L.joe.” He greeted you. “L-lee ~~~~ i-imnida..” You stuttered. *Aish what’s wrong with you?!* You mentally scolded yourself.
*Heh, I like her.* He smirked.
Throughout the whole lesson, you have been trying hard to concentrate in class while L.joe kept stealing glances at you. You knew a guy like him was just one of those typical kingkas and you didn’t want to create any form of trouble for yourself. Although it was a fact that you felt the urge to speak to a hot guy like him but somehow, you thought that you shouldn’t ‘betray’ Myungsoo too. *Control yourself Lee ~~~~. Control!!!* You groaned softly in annoyance and continued to do your work.
Then, it was break time. Most of your classmates rushed towards the cafeteria whereas you decided to stay in class. You glanced to your left and heaved a sigh of relief. L.joe was gone. He actually went to the back of the class to join the rest of Teentop.
You weren’t hungry and decided not to head to for lunch. You then felt bored in class and took our your phone to play with it. While you were in the midst of playing a game called Tap Sonic, you received a notification.
A new message
*Mwo? Who could it be?*
Had your lunch yet? – Hubby Myungsoo
Your lips curved up into a broad smile as you read the message. You felt touched that Myungsoo would show concern for you even though he wasn’t by your side. You then replied his text.
Not yet :p – Wifey ~~~~
You pressed the “send” button and continued to play the game.

Meanwhile, L.joe was actually observing your movements as he stood at the back of the class. *Why is she smiling so happily? Does she have a boyfriend? Whoever it is, I’m gonna make her mine.* He smirked. The word “quit” was never in his dictionary especially when it comes to chasing a girl he’s interested in it.
You phone vibrated again and you knew it was a text from Myungsoo.
You should eat. :@ - Hubby Myungsoo
You chuckled softly to yourself as you saw the emoticon. *I didn’t know he could be this childish.*
Aish fine. I’ll eat later. – Wifey ~~~~
You waited for his text but the bell rung suddenly, signaling that break time was over. You sighed and placed your phone into your backpack.
 “Hey babe.” L.joe called you as he returned to his seat. You felt your cheeks redden when you heard him calling you “babe”. However, you forced yourself to remain calm and ignore him as you inhaled deeply.
Without you knowing, he already saw your cheeks redden. *Heh, a strong one huh.*
After what seemed like forever, school finally ended. Your quickly grabbed your books and placed them into your backpack before leaving the classroom.
You remembered about Myungsoo’s text and you took out your phone to check. Indeed, a new message.
Good girl. Don’t meet other guys too!! >.< - Hubby Myungsoo
After reading his message, you couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. *Aish pabo oppa.* You smiled.
At a distance away, L.joe yet again noticed you smiling. His best buddy, Chunji noticed his expression. “Yah. Who’re you looking at?” He asked. “Her.” L.joe said as he pointed to your direction. Chunji nodded and his eyes followed the way L.joe’s finger was pointing at. His eyes widenedas he saw your familiar face. “Mwo?!” He gasped. “You know her?” L.joe raised an eyebrow. “S-she looks familiar.. Wait let me think a while..” Chunji then tried to refresh his memories. After a while, he finally remembered. “Ah! It’s her! I saw in a club and she was sitting with L!”
“Oh really? L’s girl? What an coincidence huh. In that case, I’m so gonna make her mine and make that bastard regret for what he did.” L.joe smirked.

Who cares ~ - Wifey ~~~~
You laughed silently to yourself and placed your phone into your pocket as you walked out of your school.
While walking home, you felt your stomach grumbling and you remembered that day when you first went out with Myungsoo.
When you first met him, you thought he was just one of those typical playboys and gangsters you see around. Cold and ruthless. However, when time went by and after hearing what Mrs Park told you plus the times when he actually showed concern for you, those memories flashed through your mind and a smile lit up on your face.
But you knew, there wasn’t gonna be a happily ever after ending for you and him. You came to live with him just to pay off your father’s debt, nothing else. You felt that the concern he showed you was merely out of sympathy and not…love.
Deep in your heart, you knew what your heart wanted but you couldn’t follow what it says. You knew, whatever you wanted was all impossible and to him, you were just a sex maid.
A sigh escaped your lips as you brushed off your thoughts.
Turning to your right, you saw a dukbokki stall and your lips curved into a wide smile before you walked towards it.
After purchasing it, you continued walking back to the mansion.
*Wa..finally reached here..stupid weather..* You panted as you wiped off your sweat.
You pressed the doorbell and as expected, Mrs Park was the one to open the door. “Annyeong ~~~~-ah! Welcome back home~” She grinned as you entered the house and you smiled back. You took off your shoes and placed them back on the shoe rack. “~~~~-ah, I’ve prepared lunch for you.” Mrs Park came over and you nodded. “Neh, I’ll go take a bath first. Kamsa Mrs Park!~”
You went back to Myungsoo’s room and placed your backpack on the couch. You then grabbed your towel and fresh clothes before entering the bathroom.
After 30mins, you were finally done. You dried your hair using your towel and went down for lunch.
“As usual, you expected to see several dishes placed on the dining table. Since you were still hungry, you immediately sat down and dug into your food. “BEEP!” Your phone rang. You placed down your utensils and grabbed your phone.
Yah. How could you betray me! D:< - Hubby Myungsoo
You couldn’t help but giggled. Mrs Park then came over to the dining table. “Young Master L?” She smiled and you knew what she meant. You bit your lip and nodded. “Ah, I see. ~~~~-ah, may I ask you a question?” She asked. “Neh.” You nodded. “Do you..by any chance like him already?” “M-mwo?!” You choked on your saliva. “Aigo be careful!” She patted your back gently.
When you were finally able to speak, you cleared your throat first before speaking. “I-I e-erm..” You stuttered a little. It then seemed like Mrs Park could read your mind. “Aigoo~ You like him don’t you?” She grinned. “Ani!!” You protested and hid your face in embarrassment. “You sure?” She smiled cheekily. “Uh I erm..gotta run now!” You immediately stood up, grabbed your phone and dashed up the stairs.
“Thanks for the lunch Mrs Park!” You yelled before retreating back to Myungsoo’s room.
“Aigo~~” She shook her head but smiled. *I hope the both of them would end up together..* She thought and went back to the kitchen.
You closed the door behind you and sat down on the bed. *Mwo? Why is my heart beating so fast?* You placed a heart over your chest. *Omo. Calm down Lee ~~~~!* After a few seconds, you heart beat finally regained to it’s normal rate. You laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. *Even if you make my heart beat, your never gonna be mine..* A deep sigh escaped your lips as you slowly closed your eyes.

You opened your eyes and sat up. *Gah!!! I’m really bored..* You hugged your knees and pouted. As if on cue, Myungsoo’s macbook screen lit up. “Mwo?” You got down from bed and walked towards the study table.
It showed a chat window and Myungsoo was online. Another smaller window then popped up.
L wants to have a videocall with you
“Videocall?” You tilted your head in confusion. You moved the mouse and click on the “yes” button and waited. Then, Myungsoo’s face suddenly appeared on the screen. “W-wa!” You jumped back in surprise.
“Hey babe.”
“Babe wait a second.” He said and left his seat.
After a few minutes, he came back.
“Mianhae, got caught up with some stuff a while ago.” He apologized.
“It’s okay oppa.” You smiled.
“So.. How was school today?” He asked.
You then remembered about L.joe.
“U-uh it was fine?” You smiled meekly.
“Really? Did you meet other guys?” He raised an eyebrow.
“A-ani!” You shook your head.
“Fine. Did you miss me then?” He smirked.
“Nope.” You smirked.
“Oh really?”
“Yup really.”  *I do miss you oppa..*
“Yah. Aish fine. Gotta go now, I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye.” With that, the window closed, leaving the screen still lit up.
A sigh escaped your lips as you switch off the laptop. You laid back on the bed and thought about L.joe. “I hope he wouldn’t do anything to me tomorrow..” You mumbled to yourself.

The next day, you woke up early and got yourself prepared for school. After having your breakfast, you wore your shoes and left the mansion. When you finally reached school, you stood outside and took a deep breath as you prayed that L.joe wouldn’t do anything to you later on.
You hugged your books tightly against your chest as if they were your prized processions and entered through the hallway. As you walked in, you noticed that most of the girls were staring at you, some were pointing at you while the other were murmuring some stuff. *Aish.* You groaned softly as you knew the reason why.
You fasten your pace as you walked towards your locker. After grabbing your things, you walked to to the classroom, praying that nothing bad would happen. You didn’t know why but you had a feeling something bad would happen to you.
You entered your classroom and received several glares from most of the girls. You sighed and quickly grabbed your seat and took out your textbooks.
Suddenly, squeals and screams could be heard and you lifted up your head only to meet eyes with L.joe. The girls in your classroom were all fangirling over Teentop as they entered the classroom. You quickly looked elsewhere and lowered your head.
“Hey babe.” A familiar voice called out. *Aish shit.* You shut your eyes tight and inhaled deeply. You slowly lifted up your head and shot a glare at him. “Whoa whoa, chill babe. Chill.” “Whatever.” You muttered and turned to face your books again. *Hmm, this one’s tryna be strong eh?* Just then, L.joe had a plan. *Aha! Let’s see if your gonna reject me again.* He smirked and sat down. You sighed a heaved of relief as he didn’t bother you afterwards.
However, just when you thought that nothing’s gonna happen..your wrong.
The bell rung as it was break time. You placed your books into your backpack and headed towards the cafeteria. You ordered your lunch and looked for an empty seat. After searching for a while amongst the crowd, you finally found an empty seat. You immediately dashed towards it as you were really hungry.

“Dude, you like her?” CAP asked L.joe as he pointed at you at a distance away. “Yup.” L.joe smirked. “Whoa, but I saw the way she rejected you. Aren’t you giving up?” “Aish hyung! I’m not quitting so easily!” “Ah fine whatever.” CAP shrugged and walked away. *Just wait and see, Lee ~~~~.* He smirked.

You sat down and dug into your food. *Mmm~~ Yum hehe.* You beamed and continued to munched on your food.
“Mwo?!” You dropped your utensils and lifted up your head.
L.joe and the rest of Teentop were all standing on the second level. L.joe was the one yelling. He met eyes with yours and smirked and you quickly looked away. Most of the people in the cafeteria all crowded together as they waited for L.joe’s next speech.
“People, I have an important announcement to make.” He began and murmurings amongst the people could be heard throughout the cafeteria.
“From now on, Lee ~~~~ has officially became my girlfriend! So, if ANY of you dare touch her, you’ll have to account to me. Get it?”
“W-WHAT?!” Your eyes widened. Everyone gasped at the sudden announcement as they all turned to face you. You quickly hid your face in embarrassment as you stood up, attempting to escape from the current situation.
When you were about to leave the cafeteria, someone grabbed your arm.
You turned your head and your eyes widened even more.
“Hi girlfriend.” L.joe smirked. Before you could say anything, he had already dragged you outside with him.
“Y-YAH!! LET ME GO YOU STUPID FREAK!!!” You struggled out of his tight grip but to no avail. He dragged you all the way to the garden and finally let go of your arm.
“What was that for huh?!?!” You yelled and shot a glare at him. “Chill babe. Hey you should be honoured to be MY girlfriend.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes. “I’m gonna tell those people that it’s FAKE!!” You yelled and turned your back at him. “Will they believe you?” His words made you stop in your tracks. *Shit.* You shut your eyes and groaned. You turned back and walked towards him. “Fine. So what must I do to make you stop all this nonsense?!”
“Be my girlfriend for a week.” He said. “SAY WHATTTTT??!!!!!!!” You shouted. “Whoa whoa! Cut it down babe.” He covered his ears. “Why should I do that huh?!” You snapped. “Well easy, if you don’t wanna do it, I’m gonna tell those people that you had sex with the school janitor.” He showed an evil smirk. “AISH! FINE! A WEEK THAT IS!” “Good girl.” He patted your shoulder and walked off.
Bye Mrs Park ~” You wore your shoes and waved goodbye. “Bye dear ~” You opened the door and inhaled deeply. *Doomsday, here I come.*
You headed to school with an anxious mind as you knew the possible things that would happen later on. *It’s okay Lee ~~~~, just do it for the sake of your reputation!!* You shut your eyes tightly and opened them again.
Upon entering the school hallway, a group of queekas named 4Minute suddenly came over and blocked your way. “E-excuse me.” You said softly as you tried to walk past them. “Stay right where you’re going bitch.” Jiyoon hissed. “M-mwo?..” You looked at them with fear in your eyes. “How dare you steal our L.joe oppa huh?!” Gayoon yelled. “I didn’t..” You lowered your head.
“Ha ha ha. Let me warn you, stay away from him. You got that?!” Hyunah laughed sarcastically as she pointed a finger at you. Before you could say anything, someone saved you.
“YAH! Get your dirty finger off her!” L.joe yelled at Hyunah who looked like she was gonna burst into tears. “O-oppa..” She faced him with teary eyes. L.joe rolled his eyes at her and he pulled you behind him. “Don’t EVER touch her again. If I see any one of you hurting her again, your so dead.” He shot them a death glare and grabbed your wrist as he pulled you along with him behind.
 “Yah let go! It hurts!!” You struggled out of his grip. He brought you to the music room where nobody was around and he finally let go of you. “That fucking hurts!!” You yelled at him. “Pssst. I saved you from them alright. At least thank me.” “Aish it’s all your fault!! If it wasn’t for you, that won’t happen!! Look what you’ve done huh. Now, everyone hates me gah!!” You turned your back at him and folded your arms.
“I’m sorry babe ~” “Don’t call me babe you freaktard!!” “But you’re my girlfriend now!” L.joe blinked innocently. “I’m NOT your –“ Then, you remembered about what you promised him. “Aish fine!!” “That’s my good girl.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes at him.
The bell rung and the two of you went back to class. As you entered the classroom, girls were all throwing death glares at you. You pretended to look away and ignore them as you quickly grabbed your seat. L.joe then sat down after you.
Throughout the whole lesson, L.joe kept disturbing you by calling you “Hey sexy ~” He just loves the way you got annoyed by him. “Yah stop it!!” You whispered and shot him a glare. “Hey sexy ~” He called you again and grinned. “Aish!!” You rolled your eyes. *Argh, just bear with it ~~~~, a week’s gonna fly past in a flash.* You sighed.
*YES!! IT’S OVER!!* You mentally cheered as the school bell rung. Just when you thought you were finally able to escape from L.joe’s clutches, your wrong. “Hey sexy, let’s go on a date.” He said. “W-what?!” Your eyes widened. “Aww are you that excited?” He smirked. “What NO! I’m NOT gonna go on a stupid date with a freaktard like you!” You rolled your eyes. “Okay then. I let everyone know that you—“ “OKAY  FINE! I’ll go with you!” You interrupted and he smirked. “That’s my girl.” “Aishhhhh seriously.” You shook your head.
However, your savior showed up suddenly. “Hyung, GD hyung wants us to go over to his place. Ricky came over and tapped L.joe’s shoulder. “What?! Now?! Aish screw it.” L.joe grumbled. *OH YEAH ~* You smirked. He turned to you and pouted. “Aww man we can’t go on a date today.” “Oh really? Aww that’s sad.” You acted like you were upset. “It’s okay, let’s go tomorrow!” *God, save me please.* “Fine.” “Bye, see ya tomorrow sexy ~” Then, he left with the rest of Teentop.
“A date with him tomorrow?! Oh screw this shit.”
You went back home, bathed, took your lunch and went back to Myungsoo's room. You waited for quite a while but didn't receive Myungsoo's videocall yet. "Aish when is he calling?!" You sulked at one corner. Suddenly, your wish came true. 
"Oppa?!" You face lit up as you ran towards the study desk. "Hey oppa!!" You waved in front of the laptop screen. "Hey babe. You missed me didn't you?" He smirked. "Hmm, nah uh!" You stuck out your tongue playfully. "Fine.” He pouted.
“Aish fine! I miss you oppa!” You finally let it out. You quickly hid your face in embarrassment after saying that. “I knew it muahaha!!” He smirked in victory. “So..did you meet other guys?” He asked all of a sudden. “H-huh e-er no?” You lied. “Really? Seriously you look suspicious. Don’t let me catch you when I come back.” “Aish oppa!!” You folded your arms.
Then, the both of you continued to chat till evening.
The next day in school
Once you entered the hallway, you heard a familiar voice calling you from behind. “BABY!~” “Aish.” You face-palmed yourself as you shook your head. L.joe came running towards to your size and showed you a wide grin. “Don’t call my baby.” You shot him a glare.
“Aww how about sexy?” He winked. “Aish fine!” You gave in up defeat and walked towards your class as he followed you. “Baby, are you excited?” “About?” You answered without bothering to face him. “Our date later on!” *Oh crap.* You groaned softly.
“I’m not going to that stupid date with a freak like you.” You hissed. “Okay then. EVERYONE—“ You knew what he was gonna say next and immediately covered his mouth using your hand. He faced you and gave a smirk. You pulled away your hand and glared at him. “That’s my good girlfriend.” He said and ruffled your hair. *ONE WEEK LEE ~~~~ Another five more days to go!!*
The two of you entered the classroom as you received death glares from the queenkas. You turned away to avoid eye contact with them and quickly grabbed your seat. You took out your notebook and scribbled notes on it while L.joe was just lazing around.
“Lee Byunghun, would you like to answer this question?” The teacher asked. “No.” L.joe simply replied and continued to use his phone. The teacher sighed and shook his head.
 “Lee ~~~~, could you explain to your partner regarding this question?” *What the..* “Okay.” You nodded and turned to face L.joe. He showed a victorious smirk and you rolled your eyes.
As you were explaining the terms and formula, L.joe was of course not paying attention to your words. In fact, he was staring at you without you knowing and he realized how pretty you were. *Yah. What’s wrong with me?! I’m just toying with he.*
He thought that a playboy like him wouldn’t care about the term ‘love’. To him, every girl was simply a toy whom he could play with and then dump her once he gets tired.
Furthermore, he’s only doing this to make you fall in love with him in order to carry out his revenge against Myungsoo. He brushed off his thoughts about how pretty you were but he couldn’t help it and continued to stare at you.
“Okay done. You understand?” You lifted your head and met his eyes which were gazing into yours. For a moment, it seemed like time has stopped. You felt your cheeks turning hot and you quickly looked away. Realization hit L.joe and he too, turned away and gave an awkward cough.
After a few minutes, you turned to face him again. “So do you understand or not?” You asked. “N-no.” *Why’re you stuttering?!” L.joe mentally scolded himself. “Aish.” You rolled your eyes and diverted your attention to the white board.
School ended and you sighed but that didn’t happen to L.joe. Instead, he was rather excited to go on a date with you. He waved goodbye to his friends as you attempted to escape but unfortunately, he grabbed your arm before you could do so. You groaned and folded your arms. He grinned at you and held your hand which you were reluctant to do so but didn’t have a choice. Students were all looking at the two of you with envy as you two walked out of the school compound.
You two headed towards the carpark where L.joe’s bike was. He handed you a helmet and you wore it. You had some difficulty and L.joe noticed it. He chuckled and helped you adjust it properly. “Thanks.” You managed to murmur out softly.
“What are you waiting for?” He asked as he saw you not hugging his waist. “W-what?” You pretended to be clueless. “You wouldn’t want to fall over, do you?” He smirked. “Argh fine fine.” You sighed and hugged his waist reluctantly. As you did that, L.joe was grinning foolishly to himself from ear to ear.

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